Catch Basin Spring Cleaning

A functional, well-kept catch basin is the key to extending the life of your pavement. They also play an important role in maintaining the health and safety of your community’s environment. Catch basins are the first line of defense in filtering out large debris from storm water and melt runoff before the water reaches a watershed or sewer system. Because it helps catch this debris, however, it means catch basins are more likely to get clogged during high water accumulation. That’s why you need a catch basin cleaning plan!

Inspecting Your Catch Basin

It’s especially important to check your catch basins after the snow melts in early spring before the major rain fronts move in. Walk your parking lot or pavement and take note of salt or sand build up, leaves, sticks, and litter. All of these items can clog your catch basin and lead to dangerous and destructive flooding. Create a plan to remove as much debris as possible before spring storms. Consider using hand tool methods like push brooms for smaller spaces and push or riding power sweepers for large areas. It’s important to remove as much debris as you can to keep your catch basins clean and to keep refuse out of your local water system.

The Dangerous Effects of Catch Basin Flooding

Catch basins, also known as storm drains, help to collect water runoff from heavy rains and melting snow. Catch basins work in conjunction with the grading and sloping of your pavement to channel water away from buildings, vehicles, yards, and parking lots. If water is allowed to accumulate, the pavement can flood which can cause damage not only to the asphalt and its foundation, but also to nearby buildings and vehicles. Instead of flowing through the catch basin to an outlet pipe, the water has nowhere to go and begins to butt up to and leak into surrounding structures. This kind of flooding means costly property damage and stressful insurance claims. Save yourself the hassle and keep an eye on your catch basins!

Catch Basin Maintenance

There are a number of preventative measures you can take to stop flooding and maintain the life and integrity of your pavement. Consider working with a paving company to add drain tile and downspouts or for storm sewer installation and repairing cracks and damage to the surrounding asphalt and concrete.

For reliable catch basin repair, maintenance, and installation services, check out our Storm Water Management page. Contact us for more information and for a no-obligation assessment and quote!