If you’re an avid sports enthusiast, the name Mark Tauscher is likely familiar to you. He is well known for his role as a starting player on the offensive line for the Badgers from 1995 to 2000, and then selected by the Green Bay Packers as their offensive tackle. Tauscher had a remarkable 11-year tenure in the NFL, playing a total of 134 games as a starter.

Following his retirement, he transitioned into the realm of sports media starting off as a pregame and postgame analyst on the Packer Radio Network from 2011 to 2018. Between that, in 2012, he also became a second analyst on the Badger Radio Network.

Around 2016, Tauscher initiated the Wilde & Tausch show on ESPN Wisconsin alongside sportswriter Jason Wilde. From then on, for the past 7 years, he became a familiar voice engaging his audiences with his insights and analysis. It reflected his passion for the game, and his ability to contribute to the discourse surrounding it.

“Tausch is a Badger through and through and brings a perfect combination of football knowledge and media savvy. He has developed into a true professional in the broadcasting world and has the perspective of a former Wisconsin football player and Packer legend that our fans will enjoy. I’m excited about all the ways he’ll be able to engage with our fans and bring an inside look at our football program.”

—UW Director of Athletics Chris McIntosh (UW Badgers)

Mark Tauscher’s Personal Triumphs

Outside of his career, Tauscher proudly embraces his role as a family man, as he finds fulfillment not only in his achievements on the professional front but also in the cherished moments spent with his loved ones. Beyond the football field, his commitment to family highlights a dimension of his identity that goes beyond the achievements of his career.

Mark Tauscher and family

Photo by Duke Bobber, packers.com

What it Takes to Pave

To start 2024 the right way, we invited Tauscher to take part in a competition that will truly test his handy skills. We want to see if he has what it takes to pave, which means he will be a part of the J&S team to pave one winner’s lot. To prepare him for this task, we will be sending him a mystery box every week to be opened live on his show Wilde & Tausch. This will provide him a sneak peek into the world of paving, with the hope of igniting his excitement to work alongside us. If you want to be that lucky winner, visit the link to enter our contest:


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Also, don’t forget to listen every Thursday to the Wilde & Tausch Show to find out what’s in Tauscher’s mystery box! We encourage you to sign up for the contest and help Mark find out what it takes to pave!