The Benefits

of Concrete for Commercial Paving

Quality concrete is an incredibly durable, reliable, and flexible choice for large-scale commercial paving projects. Concrete can be used for a full pavement like parking lots and driveways or used to create curbs, sidewalks, and ramps to properly finish asphalt paving projects. Concrete is a great material to use because:

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Concrete pavements require thinner overall pavement thickness, reducing the amount of raw materials used for any given project. It also requires minimal maintenance and has a much longer lifespan than asphalt and can be more effectively salvaged for re-use.

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Unlike other heavy pavements, concrete is not susceptible to high or low temperatures and is resistant to abrasion.

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The riding quality of concrete does not deteriorate over time, it maintains its shape, is more skid-resistant, and is more resistant to potholes making it a safe alternative to both pedestrians and drivers.

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Concrete can be constructed over poor subgrades and can be used for both practical and decorative applications. It can be used for an entire paving project or can be added to an asphalt paving project to enhance its curb appeal, safety, and function.

Concrete Sidewalk Complete
Concrete Sidewalks and Ramps

Reliable Concrete Paving

Materials and Processes

We begin each project by working with our clients to understand their business needs, how the pavement will be used, and what the existing environment looks like to ensure the final product exceeds expectations. Our civil engineers then work with our team of paving professionals to design a pavement that either mixes asphalt and concrete applications or uses concrete for the full application. Once we’ve developed a project plan that meets your goals, our team will use the most advanced equipment and processes available in our industry to execute your new pavement on time and on budget.

Our Concrete Paving Solutions

We specialize in commercial concrete work that includes pavement, slabs, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and other applications where this sturdy and long-lasting material can best be utilized. Our team of experts can also design and provide specifications for municipal and DOT requirements whenever required. Whether repairing, maintaining, replacing, or constructing a new pavement, our experienced team is ready to help. Our concrete paving services include:

Approaches & Aprons
Parking Lots
Stairs & ADA Ramps
Dumpster pads
Removal & Replacement


Concrete for Commercial Paving

Work with our team to find the perfect finishing touches for your concrete paving project. We can add texture, use a stamping technique, and even add color to your concrete to add value and curb appeal to your business. Brand your exterior space with a unique, natural, and decorative design. Creative possibilities are limitless with decorative concrete!

  • New Construction
  • Expansion
  • Removal & Replacement
  • Sealcoating
  • Repair
Workers completing a parking lot with asphalt

Responsiveness & Great Customer Service Are Our #1 Priority

When you work with Johnson & Sons Paving, you’ll have our entire team to support your commercial or residential paving project. Our project managers, engineers, and field teams are always available to answer your questions, from quote to completion and beyond. Give us a call today to get started!

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Project Testimonial

“I expected professional quality work and I got it.  A big problem I experience with vendors these days is that to get what I need, I have to be expert at their business and I don’t have time for that. I didn’t have to be the expert for the work Johnson & Sons did.”

Rick D.