If you’re parking lot had areas of standing water following the recent heavy rains, you may want to make sure your catch basin is working properly.  A catch basins can be a parking lot’s best friend in wet weather, as it serves as the first line of defense in collecting and draining pavement runoff.  Standing water on your parking lot is an inconvenience for your customers and can also cause structural damage by accelerating the formation of cracks and potholes.

For most commercial parking lots, a properly designed catch basin is built into the framework of the curb or driveway to control runoff from heavy rains and prevent pooling on paved surfaces.   Catch basins do weaken over time or get clogged with leaves and other debris.  Early intervention and repair are critical to prevent a relatively small problem from becoming an expensive, structural issue.

At Johnson & Sons Paving, our storm water management team — which includes a master plumber — can inspect, repair or rebuild your catch basin and water management system to ensure that it efficiently moves water off your paved areas, while complying with applicable federal, state, and local municipality laws. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance can help you identify and fix problems before a catch basin completely deteriorates. If you notice problems with your catch basin or standing pools of water on your pavement, give us a call.  We’ll do an inspection and provide recommendations for your best course of action.


Storm drain issues should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent more serious damage