Storm Water Management

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Storm Water Management

Rain, snow, sleet, freeze-thaw cycles, and moisture in the air can create water backups, collapsed catch basins, and, ultimately, costly damage to your paved surfaces. At Johnson & Sons Paving, our experienced staff, which includes a master plumber, can help you build or repair your storm water system to ensure that it efficiently moves water off your paved areas, while complying with applicable federal, state, and local municipality laws.

Do you have repair issues with your storm water system? Do you need advice on a new construction project?  Click here to request an estimate.

We can meet your needs for the following types of storm water management projects:

  • Drain-tiles to collect water under your pavement and direct it to a catch basin or away from the paved surface.
  • PVC and Corrugated drain-tiles can be used to reconstruct or remove and replace your catch basin.
  • Catch Basin Repair to keep water from seeping into and destroying your paved areas.
  • Storm Sewer installation to efficiently move storm water to the nearest storm sewer system.
  • Downspout Hookups to prevent water from flowing across the parking lot.
  • Retention Pond construction.
  • Emergency response (24/7) for emergency repairs to your storm water system

For most commercial parking lots, a properly-designed catch basin is a key element of storm water management. It is typically built into the framework of a parking lot curb or driveway to control runoff from heavy rains and prevent pooling on paved surfaces that can create hazardous conditions and accelerating deterioration.

Catch basins do weaken over time or get clogged with leaves and other debris. Telltale signs include standing water and ice buildups. Early intervention and repair are critical to prevent a relatively small problem from becoming an expensive, structural issue.

Contact us for info on repairing or constructing a new catch basin for your commercial parking lot or driveway.

Damaged Catch Basin

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