Our Core Values Start with Effective Communication

Effective communication has always been an important component of success. From deals decided on a handshake to thorough quotes tailored for clients, communication is key to ensuring all expectations are set and met throughout a project. Did you know that June is Effective Communication Month? We know, there’s a month for everything these days! But it does serve as an important reminder to maintain our commitment to keeping open lines of communication with each of our clients regarding their projects, from local residential driveways to large-scale parking lots for major retailers.

Staying Connected Throughout Your Paving Project

At Johnson & Sons Paving, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients through every phase of the paving and asphalt care process, no matter the size of the job or the scope of the project. We work hard as a team to provide you with clear and continuous communication regarding the development and refinement of your quote, updates when we’re on-site, to follow-up support once your projects are completed. When you sign with Johnson and Sons Paving, you’ll work with a dedicated and experienced project manager from quote through completion, to ensure we exceed your expectations!

It All Starts with a Conversation About Your Paving Needs

If you’ve had the opportunity to work with our team in the past, you know we operate as a unit. From weekly internal project meetings to client calls to company-wide updates and process improvement, we continually communicate to limit misunderstandings, provide key updates and useful information to our residential and commercial paving clients, and ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

This all starts with a clear and concise quoting process. We’ll start by learning about your needs and doing a thorough inspection of your property. Next, we’ll talk about budget and scope and develop a quote with a few options so you can choose what fits best in your budget with complete transparency. We’ll work together to refine your quote and make sure we have all the details to address your needs effectively, on time, and on budget. Our sales team often jokes that instead of making clients, they make friends because of how often they speak during a project, and we think that says a great deal about the way we do business.

Actively Listening and Addressing Your Paving Needs and Concerns

When you connect with a project manager from Johnson and Sons, you’ll experience firsthand how we listen to your needs and concerns during our free, no-obligation consultations. Your dedicated project manager will ask questions to better understand what your property goals are, how often your pavement will be trafficked, what kind of terrain you’re working on, what type of outdoor elements are at play, what your maintenance plan looks like, and how we can effectively meet your budget.

The Keys to Our Communication Success

Our consultants are always fully present in conversations to eliminate any misinterpretation of your expectations or needs. We intentionally focus on giving you options rather than forcing you into a project you don’t need. And lastly, we are transparent with our cost breakouts because we control every aspect of our paving services, from our in-house stone crushing for base materials to our very own asphalt plant. We’re not marking up the price of other businesses’ materials and putting that added cost on your quote. Not only does this help us keep material prices down, but it also helps us ensure quality from the very start. It’s through processes like this that we’ve been honored with titles like Wisconsin’s Future 50!

Find Out Why We’re One of
Wisconsin’s Future 50

If you’re ready to experience better project management, clear and honest quotes, and unmatched asphalt and paving services, Give us a call today at (262) 251 – 5585 or fill out our quote form!