Preventive measures are always a good investment, especially when preparing for the cold reality of Wisconsin winters.  As you put together your winter preparation maintenance check list, make sure you include an inspection of your paved areas to check for potholes.  Here’s six reasons to take care of potholes before the snow flies:

  • If asphalt patching is postponed until the winter, rain, snow and sleet that seeps into your damaged asphalt area will freeze and expand and make your small problem into a bigger one.
  • Pothole repair goes much more smoothly before the weather gets too cold. Repairing asphalt becomes difficult or even impossible if there is heavy and prolonged periods of snow.
  • Moisture makes fixing potholes in winter more difficult. Pavement needs to be dry for most mixtures to tack.  If snow and ice collect in the damaged area and keep it moist, the deterioration process can start all over again.
  • Potholes that aren’t repaired make it more difficult to plow snow and ice and could damage your snow removal equipment.
  • Potholes repaired during the cold winter months typically are done with a Cold Patching process — it’s a temporary repair (and extra expense) until a more permanent hot mix asphalt (HMA) repair can be made when the weather gets warmer.
  • For the safety of your employees, tenants and customers; it’s prudent to inspect and repair asphalt driveways and parking lots before winter arrives.

Cold weather can wreak havoc on paved surfaces. That’s why it’s important to look for areas in need repair before winter.  Patching potholes doesn’t take long, and it can save you a small fortune down the road.


Potholes create serious liability issues if left unchecked.

Fix cracks before they become potholes, and fix potholes before they become craters.