Finding Qualified Snow Removal Help When You Need It

While there may be a lot of businesses out there that offer plowing services, not all of them have the capacity, experience, and equipment to do the job safely and effectively for commercial properties. Businesses with large-scale parking lots, condo or apartment complexes with expansive drive- and roadways, and even businesses with drive-throughs should seek out reliable, professional, and insured contractors to take care of snow on their property.

Join our snow removal experts as we cover the top five questions to ask when hiring a snow removal service!

1 | Are they fully insured? 

It’s important to make sure the snow removal contractor you hire is properly insured with both liability and workers’ compensation coverage in case of an accident. A low-cost, uninsured snowplow option might be tempting, but the risks associated with snow and ice removal are high and it’s not worth taking the risk. Avoid liability and find an insured snow removal service.

2 | What snow removal services do they actually provide?  

Commercial snow removal contractors offer different levels of service for varying conditions.  Be sure to ask what they will do for your property directly after a snow or ice storm.

  • Will they clear sidewalks and entrances in addition to parking lots and driveways?
  • Do they use deicers?
  • When will their team start snowplowing during a weather event? 
  • Does the contractor repair lawn damage should it occur during plowing? 
  • Does the contractor mark your drive with driveway stakes?

It’s important to get to these details before the first snowfall hits so you know what to expect. No one likes arriving to their business with fully-covered sidewalks and plowed in drive ways.

3 | What is their pricing structure?  

Some snow removal contractors charge a set price for the season no matter how much it snows but may have up charges for early arrival or return trips. Others may charge a price per plow or by inches of accumulation. Some contractors are even known for charging extra fees for big snow falls, deicing services, and hauling away snow.  It’s important to talk to your snow removal contractor about their fee structure to prevent any surprises down the road.

4 | How reliable is their snow removal equipment? 

Commercial snow removal services require a fleet of well-maintained, large-scale equipment to get the job done right. Large-scale parking lots, complicated condo and apartment complexes, and street facing brick and mortar stores all require different techniques and equipment to handle snow removal. Your new snow removal service should have skid-steer loaders, snow blowers, salt trucks, and plow trucks to tackle your snow removal needs. Be sure to ask your contractor if they perform regular maintenance on their equipment to ensure the quality and safety of their work.

5 | When will they get to your business during a snowstorm? 

When a major snowstorm hits, the safety of your employees and customers and the access to your business all depend on how quickly your snow removal service can clear your location. Quick, efficient, and thorough snow removal is essential to implementing good and smart business practices in the winter, especially for commercial properties. Make sure to ask about the response time you can expect during a snow event and how quickly the contractor will get to your property after a snow or ice storm. Be sure the contractor uses a 24/7 weather monitoring service during the winter months to respond quickly with the appropriate snow equipment for any storm condition or snow amounts.

When You Need Reliable Service, Call Johnson and Sons Paving

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