Extend the Life of Your Pavement with These Seasonal Reminders:

  Park Carefully in the Summer

Extreme temperatures can make asphalt material more pliable. Breaking abruptly, taking a sharp turn, or even allowing heavy vehicles to remain in one place for too long in the high heat can cause tire marks, divots, and indentations in the softened asphalt. Take extra caution while driving and parking on driveways and parking lots on hotter days. If parking larger vehicles like campers, trailers, or boats, add a piece of plywood under each of the wheels to prevent the asphalt from dipping under the weight.

 Stay On Top of Leaves and Debris in Fall

While fall leaves are beautiful to look at, they are trouble for your pavement! As leaves collect on driveways or parking lots, they begin to hold moisture from condensation during frost and precipitation. This not only creates a slipping hazard and reduces traction, but it also causes discoloration and stains on asphalt. Remove leaves as quickly as possible and power wash when you can to remove any left-over debris. This will help keep your pavement looking sharp!

 Take Extra Care in the Winter

Asphalt can become brittle in winter during the bitter cold which means it can break and chip more easily. This, combined with the strain and pressure from ice and the deterioration caused from ice melt and salt can make your pavement vulnerable to breaking during aggressive plowing. If using a plow, be sure to check the blade’s height from pavement to make sure there is a small gap. When clearing snow by hand, try to use plastic shovels and stay away from using ice picks whenever possible.

 Use the Springtime to Spruce Up

Parking lots and driveways can see a buildup of sand, salt, and debris throughout the winter from snow removal and vehicle traffic. As soon as the ice melts and we have a few 50-degree days, we recommend power washing your pavement. This will help remove the excess chemicals and help preserve your pavement as summer sets in.

Year-Round Reminders

If you use your driveway or asphalt pavement for vehicle or equipment repair, keep a close eye out for oil stains. Oil stains are tricky to remove the longer they sit so be sure to address them ASAP. DIY solutions to remove oil stains include hardware store degreaser or even kitty litter or sawdust. We also recommend that you take extra precautions when using diesel fuel. Diesel can degrade asphalt materials quickly. In fact, many asphalt pavers have been known to use diesel to clean their equipment because it works so well to dissolve asphalt residue. Diesel fuel is especially harmful to the binders in asphalt mix which can cause holes if left unaddressed. If you have to use diesel, read up on proper storage and handling!

The secret to the longevity of any asphalt pavement is proper material sourcing and effective installation. At Johnson and Sons Paving, we control every aspect of quality by sourcing base materials from our own crushed stone plant and using proprietary asphalt mixes from our own asphalt plant. We also hire experienced paving professionals and maintain a large fleet of equipment to ensure that every pavement we install is strong from the very start. If you’re looking for commercial or residential paving services, give us a call today!