Residential Paving

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Residential Paving Services

Your asphalt driveway is the gateway to your front door. Johnson & Sons Paving believes in constructing your new driveway the correct way—the first time. We will not be your cheapest option, but we will provide the best service. You can trust us to deliver exactly what was contracted in a very timely, professional manner. With us, you will have total knowledge of the project from beginning to end by consistent contact with the project manager.

The asphalt is only as strong as the underlying base and subgrade. That is why we construct with a minimum of 8 inches of crushed aggregate base course and a minimum of 3 inches of compacted hot mix asphalt. Anything less will have a subpar performance and shorter total life span.

5 questions that should be asked of your paving contractor:
  1. Do I need a new stone base before repaving my driveway?
    If the existing soils and stone are contaminated with soft soils, or in poor quality resulting in softness, it may then need to be dug out and replaced to assure the strength needed to properly pave the driveway or parking lot to assure its full life. If the existing base is strong, it can then be regraded, compacted, and then paved to the designed asphalt thickness. Our project managers will discuss all of this with you at a site visit.
  2. Can I simply overlay my existing asphalt?
    In a small number of cases, yes, you can, but we have to keep in mind that any existing cracks in the pavement will, over time, reflect through the new pavement. The surrounding terrain must also be accepting of the overlay to not destroy the existing drainage pattern
  3. Will there be hidden or non-discussed costs at the end of the project?
    At Johnson & Sons Paving, we pride ourselves on providing an estimate that is complete and includes as many options as are desired. We will also include any scenarios that are discussed in a walk-through that could include under cutting of the base. If your project runs into any unforeseen problems that may or may not include additional costs, the project manager will discuss with the respective owner or owners immediately. We do not like surprises any more than you do!!!
  4. How long will the project take?
    Typical projects last anywhere from 1 day to 1 week. New or repaving of parking lots lasts from 2 to 4 days. Patching is always completed in one day, and sealcoating is a 1 to 2-day operations, depending on the weather.
  5. How durable is the new asphalt?
    Johnson & Sons offers a one-year warranty on all asphalt paving, and a 3-year warranty on any pavements where we installed a new base. The typical life of your new pavement will vary from 15 to 30 years depending on how it is maintained and the traffic patterns that are on it. Harsh winters, subgrade conditions, and use vs. design use are contributing factors to the deterioration of the asphalt. Your best bet is to partner with Johnson & Sons Paving for a maintenance program to keep the pavement in its optimal condition and, therefore, last its full life.