There are a lot of people out there with trucks and attached plows who claim to be snow removal services, but that doesn’t mean they’re professionals or equipped to handle commercial jobs.  For your business, you want a reliable, professional, and insured contractor to take care of snow on your property.  Here’s 5 helpful things you should consider when hiring a commercial snow removal contractor.

  1. Insurance –Make sure the company is properly insured with both liability and workers’ compensation coverage in case of an accident. A low-cost, uninsured snowplow option might be tempting, but the risks associated with snow and ice removal are high and not worth taking.
  2. Services Provided – Commercial snow removal contractors offer different types of services.  Ask what they do for your property after a snow or ice storm. Do they clear sidewalks and entrances in addition to parking lots and driveways?  Do they use deicers?  When does the contractor start snowplowing?  Does the contractor repair lawn damage?  Does the contractor mark your drive with driveway stakes?
  3. Price Options — Some contractors charge a set price for the season no matter how much it snows, while others charge a price per plow. Some charge extra fees for big snow falls, deicing or hauling snow away.  Find out how the snowplowing contractor charges and ask about payment options.
  4. Equipment – Commercial snow removal services need a fleet of well-maintained equipment to get the job done including skid-steer loaders, snow blowers, salt trucks and plow trucks. The contractor should also perform regular maintenance on their equipment to ensure the quality and safety of their work.
  5. Turnaround Time – When a major snowstorm hits, you want the snow removed in a timely manner. Quick, efficient, and thorough snow removal is essential to implementing good and smart business practices in the winter, especially for commercial properties. Make sure to ask about the response time you can expect and how quickly the contractor will get to your property after a snow or ice storm. We use a 24/7 weather monitoring service during the winter months so we can respond quickly with the appropriate snow equipment for any storm condition or snow amounts.

Johnson and Sons Paving can help you weather any Wisconsin winter storms that Mother Nature throws our way.  Our dependable crew provides responsive snow and ice removal services to keep your customers, tenants, or employees safe this winter. Contact us for a free estimate or more information or call (262) 251-5585.