The Paving Post – Volume 19-7

The Paving Post – Volume 19-7


The Paving Post

If It’s Cracked, We Fix It.The Paving Post from Johnson & Sons Paving provides timely access to tips, expert advice, industry news, projects, recommendations and more.   Have a question or information you would like to share? Just Contact Us

Watching Out for Paving Schemes

The BBB recently sent out a warning about the dangers of potential asphalt paving scams. These schemes can start with the promise of discounted rates and end in poor quality work and costs much higher than quoted.

Mill and Pave New Project

Unfortunately, every asphalt surface has end date as it becomes to worn for routine maintenance. When that’s the case,  often times a mill and pave process is needed.  Check out the process and the difference it makes with this recent project we had in Racine that gave a Church parking lot a much needed makeover.

Paving the Way for Healthcare Professionals

The unique combination of pedestrian and vehicle traffic make hospitals and health care facilities a special case for pavement needs.  They typically need more frequent maintenance and upkeep to keep their lots safe and accessible around the clock. See the extra steps we take to meet the special needs of healthcare facilities.  .

Tell Us How You Really Feel

We greatly value the relationships we have with the customers we service.  That’s why we love when clients share their valuable feedback. Check out what others have to say about us and don’t be shy to leave a review of your own!

Sweet Concrete

When it comes to concrete, our services go above and beyond just pouring! We are happy to recommend designs, materials, project flow, and budget options to make your next commercial project perfect.

Volume 19-7
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